What is your dream when you grow up?

The common question that all of us were asked by the people around us.

Ever since we are little, we were given a task to determine who we want to be and what dream are we going to achieve as we grow older. However, if you look back at your life now, many of us did not achieve the dream that we had when we were young. The ambition, the goals and the passion ceased to exist due to our laziness and inferiority.

Of course, there are many who became successful in realizing their childhood dream, making it a reality and achieving what Maslow called the self-actualization stage.

Unfortunately, not all are able to climb the top of the pyramid and some did not even try to do so as they believe it is a waste of time and impossible to realize their dream since life is not a fairy tale.

Interestingly, the dream killer is no one and can be no one but ourselves. Yes, what others have to say does have an influence on our decision and how we perceive our dreams but what we failed to see that at the end of the road we are the decision-makers and we are the only ones who know what we truly felt.

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We unwillingly forgo our adventure that we never embark on in the first place as we are terrified of the possibilities of failure and become a disappointment.

Failing should not be a hindrance instead it should be a leap of stone for us to push ourselves out of the box.

Failure should serve as a lesson to become stronger and resilient so that when we manage to climb the top of the pyramid we will be proud as we never give up instead we improvise and determined to build the castle of dreams into a reality.


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Before we give up on something that we love, ask this question to yourself, “Am I going to regret?” Regret is one of the biggest sin and will never leave your conscience clean. It will continue to haunt you for the rest of your life as you never take the chance to generate your ideas and plans out of the box that you have kept for a very long time.

Why do we always allow our insecurities to take the best out of us?

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We always compare ourselves to others and hope that we can be like them, however; we never have the courage to do it ourselves. For example, we will always question our worth and talent by comparing them to others who are successful in what they are doing. Hence, our self-confidence drop so low which caused our passion to die slowly in pitiful death.

Individually all of us have our strengths and weakness, therefore, we should not compare ourselves to other people since all of us are different and that’s what makes us special yet unique.

Firstly, we need to stop over the dream thinking about what others think of us and our dreams. We have to get rid of the negativity perspective that is embedded in our mind that we are never good enough neither can we be successful.

As humans, we will always make excuses for ourselves and to others because we are afraid. We do not want to push ourselves further as we are comfortable at where we are.

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Therefore, when we are exposing to a new environment and a whole new different comfort zone,
we lose ourselves in the process due to the frequent belittling on our skills and talent.

To be what we want to be is easy to say but it’s hard to do. We can put our dream and goal into a reality as long as we frame our minds into positive thinking and be confident of our talent and skills. We are worth it and so does our passion. Our passion deserves to be shown to the light of the day instead of being bury in the darkness of night.


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Remember, success comes after many failures and the hero is when one being persistent and never gives up in doing what they loves the most in life.

Hope you find this article helpful in many ways.