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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Apple and Oppo compete for supremacy in the Chinese phone market

The top two smartphone manufacturers in China during the first quarter were Apple Inc. and Oppo, in a country where the market is still...

Kenya’s first operational satellite will be launched next week

The government announced on Monday that Kenya will launch its first operational satellite the following week, marking a significant accomplishment for the nation's space...

Code for suggesting tweets will be open-sourced – Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, announced on Friday that he would reveal the long-secret algorithm for suggesting tweets. By the end of March, the...

ChatGPT becomes more “human” as the AI wave grows

The company that created the ChatGPT app, which can generate essays, poems, or computer code at will, released a long-awaited update to its artificial...

Four astronauts return home via SpaceX after a five-month mission

After a brief SpaceX flight home, four astronauts from the space station arrived back on Earth late on Saturday. Their capsule landed with a splash...

Apple to launch a classical music streaming app

Apple announced on Thursday that it will begin streaming classical music on March 28 through a standalone app in an effort to set itself...

Entrepreneurs in Nairobi devise solutions for electronic waste

The environment is being impacted by the rise in electronic waste (e-waste) generation over the past ten years, which is a result of the...


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