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Are you an entrepreneur? We would love to share your success story.


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There is always a story behind success and often time’s people discuss the steps they took that made them successful entrepreneurs today. Success was not made in a day, so we value every success story beyond the dream, effort and projects put into the work as an individual, organization and community. Success involves principles, InsiderBLM is devoted to finding relevant breakthroughs and sharing this success stories of diligence and experience with the world around us. If you have breakthrough as an entrepreneur, alongside the challenges you had to face and you feel it’s going to inspirer startups to climb up the ladder of success in your line of business and could help them grow and strengthen there feet in the industry.

We officially invite you to share your own story about the challenges, hard work and sacrifice that has or is making a difference in your business. This is an invitation to hear you no matter where you are and what you do, we want to listen to “your success story” alongside some business consultations that have helped your business succeed.

Why share your success story with InsiderBLM?

  • Motivation: Your hard work and accomplishments deserves to be shared to the world, your  how you turned your dream into a reality can provide inspiration and also motivate others who are struggling to achieve similar goals

  • Investment: This platform will help reach out to investors who will help to increase expansion and productivity for your organizations. On this platform you get to reach out to foreign investors which will improve your business.
  • Competitive edge: Customers are exposed to so many information so it is easy for a business not to be known as sharing a story becomes emotional than logical in some cases
  • Business growth: Insider BLM will help share you story and provide the context so your customers and stakeholders understand why your product is worth buying. We will feature your project to thousands of company owners, freelancers, agencies, etc. in our network of websites and social media channels. Your story could be featured in our newsletter, shared on our web site, be the basis for a mini-documentary video or make it to a newspaper, magazine or TV program, etc. We will try to maintain and share your success stories with all relevant people.
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If you are not sure where to begin, here are some questions to consider in telling your story, but certainly not requirements:

  • How/when did you first learn to accept yourself as the amazing person you are?
  • Was there a breakthrough moment when you first recognized your inner strength?
  • How did you learn the importance of believing in yourself?
  • How have you overcome the unrealistic expectations of others?
  • Or, not a question but a suggestion instead – you can choose to begin your story with how it all started.

Please note that while it is our intention to publish all submitted stories, on very rare occasions we do not publish a story. Typically, these are stories where: (1) publication may increase the risk of harm to the storyteller; (2) the storyteller is advocating violence, hatred, or self-harm; or (3) the story is requesting funds, financial support, donations or purchases of some kind. While we understand the genuine need of many individuals and organizations throughout the world, we have created a place where all that is asked of entrepreneurs and individuals is to share their inspiring stories if they choose to do so.

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Give hope. Inspire. Change lives. Share Your story today.

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