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Reasons for Low CPC (Cost Per Click) and Solutions in AdSense


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If you utilize Google AdSense on your website, you’ve probably encountered the problem of minimal revenue from ad clicks made by your visitors. Sometimes a single click can make you a lot of money, while other times multiple clicks may fail to give even a half-dollar! And you’re still perplexed as to why AdSense CPC is so low. CPC stands for Cost Per Click, and it represents the money generated by a single click from a visitor.

There could be a number of additional causes for your low CPC, such as Google penalizing your blog or website with a human or algorithmic penalty.

You should examine your AdSense control panel to determine the CPC rate for the various ad units you have. Let’s look at the factors that influence CPC.


Keywords are the most important aspect in determining CPC rates. Some keywords will bring you dollars, while others will just get you a few cents. Let me clarify the terms in this context for those who are unfamiliar. Keywords are the words and phrases that occur on your website that Google picks up and uses to display advertisements based on. For example, if you wrote a review of a new camera you purchased, the most important keyword on that page will most likely be “camera,” and Google will attempt to show adverts from camera makers or other similar businesses.

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Amount of Bid

The second factor influencing CPC is the amount of money marketers spend for a term. As the number of advertisers wanting to acquire a term increases, so does competition among them. As a result, the bid amount tends to rise, and you earn a high CPC.

Ad placement

Another critical issue is ad placement. If you have 5 ad spots on your website, the ad with the highest CPC will most likely be placed in the first space. The CPC decreases as you scroll down the page. So, if clicks come from the fourth of five ad places, the CPC is likely to be low.

Types of Ads

CPC can also be affected by ad types. Some ad formats outperform others. This argument is based on Google’s desire to generate money. As a result, it will always push advertising with greater bids. Assume the highest bidder just has an image-based advertisement. Now, if you force Google to show ONLY text advertisements in your space, you will lose the ad with the highest offer and would have to settle with ads with lesser bids. As a result, it is preferable to place fewer limits on your ad slots.

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The season is another little-known influence! Yes, over the holidays and weekends, advertisers tend to submit low bids. Don’t worry if your CPC is low during certain times; it’s just seasonal! The highest bids are typically received during working hours and work days during the week.

Geographical Specification

Advertisers, like time, can target certain geographical locations. This is something over which you have little control. If the high bidders have opted to show their advertising only in, say, Europe, whereas the majority of your visitors come from Asia, good CPC is improbable.

Targeted Placement

Advertisers can also choose their own ad places. For example, an advertiser may say, “I want to show my ad ‘towards the top of the page,'” and if your website only has ad placement towards the bottom of the page, you may lose that advertiser.

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These are some of the causes of your website’s poor AdSense CPC. Low CPC is a major contributor to low Google AdSense revenue. If you read the text carefully, you should now understand how CPC is calculated!

Best wishes!

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