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Six Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website


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One of the most common questions we get is, “Why should I use WordPress?” Isn’t my old site sufficient? Why should I migrate from another platform to WordPress? You’ve come to the right place if you’re asking these questions. In this article, we’ll go over six compelling reasons why you should use WordPress. We will also discuss the various types of websites that can be created with WordPress, as well as showcase popular sites that use WordPress.

Note: When we say WordPress in this article, we mean WordPress.org, also known as self-hosted WordPress. Please do not mix this up with WordPress.com, which is a hosting service. For more information, see our WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com comparison.

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it is only used for blogging.

It is not the case.

While WordPress began as a blogging platform, it has since evolved into a powerful website builder as well as a strong content management system (CMS).

The best thing about WordPress is that it is simple to use and versatile enough to create a variety of websites. That is the primary reason for WordPress’s rapid growth. WordPress powers 32.3 percent of all websites on the internet, according to a recent survey.

Many of the top brands, including Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and others, use WordPress to power their websites due to its robust features.

Let’s take a look at why you should build your website with WordPress.

1. WordPress is unrestricted

WordPress is a free piece of software. It means you can download, install, use, and modify it to suit your needs. Can be used to build any type of website.

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While the WordPress software is free, you will need a domain name and web hosting to get it up and running.

A domain name is really the internet address for your website. This is what your visitors enter into their browser’s address bar to get to your website (for example, yourblogmaster.com).

Web hosting is the home of your website, where all of its files are stored.

Bluehost is a service that we recommend. They are one of the world’s largest hosting companies and an official WordPress hosting provider.

They are also providing Yourblogmaster users with a 60% discount on hosting as well as a free domain name. In essence, you can begin for $2.75 per month.

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Do you require additional hosting suggestions? See our top picks for the best WordPress hosting companies.

If you want someone with experience to set up your WordPress site, our talented team members are happy to assist you. The best part is that we provide free WordPress blog setup.

If you have any problems with WordPress, simply type your question into Google and add yourblogmaster at the end. You could also find the answer on our website.

2. WordPress Themes and Plugins are Simple to Customize
Themes for WordPress

WordPress is used by a large number of people who are neither web designers nor programmers. In fact, the majority of people begin using WordPress with no prior knowledge of website design.

WordPress is the ideal solution for non-techies because there are thousands of free website templates (themes) to choose from. For almost any type of website (whether it’s a blog, a business website, or an online store), there’s a perfect WordPress theme.

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WordPress themes are simple to customise because many of them include an options panel that allows you to change colours, upload a logo, change the background, create beautiful sliders, and truly customise it to your needs without having to write any code.

Plugins can also be used to add custom functionality to your WordPress site. WordPress plugins are like apps for your website that allow you to add advanced features like analytics, contact forms, and a membership area, among other things.

Thousands of free and premium plugins are available for you to use, just like themes. See our article on what WordPress plugins are and how they work for more information.

Some WordPress plugins can transform your website into a completely new platform, in addition to adding extra functionality. Take a look at our list of Twenty four WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2021essential WordPress plugins for every website, compiled by our team of experts.

3. WordPress is search engine optimised.

WordPress is built with high-quality code that complies with industry standards and generates semantic markup. In layman’s terms, Google and other search engines adore WordPress.

That’s why WordPress sites seem to rank higher in search engines than others.

WordPress is created to be SEO-friendly right out of the box. You can also use WordPress SEO plugins to improve the performance of your site. .

  1. WordPress is simple to use.

WordPress has an update management system built-in. You can update your plugins and themes directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

WordPress also notifies you when a new version of WordPress is released, allowing you to update your site with the click of a button.

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You can easily use a WordPress backup plugin to create backups and store them safely on a remote location to protect your data from any accident or hacking.

5. WordPress is a safe and secure platform.

WordPress was built with security in mind, and it is widely regarded as a very safe and secure platform on which to build a website. The internet, like the real world, can be a dangerous place.

There are intruders out there who want to gain access to as many websites as possible. There are a few simple things you can do to make your WordPress site more secure.

On our websites, we use Sucuri to protect against common threats like brute force attacks and malware.

6. WordPress Can Handle a Variety of Media Formats

WordPress isn’t just for writing. It has an integrated media uploader that can handle images, audio, and video files.

WordPress can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio by simply pasting the URL into the WordPress post editor.

We hope that this article clarified why you should use WordPress. Using WordPress is the best way to fully appreciate its capabilities. Try it out and let us know how it goes.

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