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What will happen to my Facebook account now that Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta?

On October 28, Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms , the new parent company that will encompass all of the tycoon’s businesses and will be the start of his anticipated ‘metaverse’ . Given this, many users of the social network wonder what will happen to their Facebook account .Thought Catalog vía Unsplash

While some see the virtual universe that Zuckerberg intends to build as a “dystopian dictatorship” , others look forward to entering the ‘metaverse’ , whose gateway will surely be on Meta’s social networks : Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp , mainly.

“Meta can mean ‘beyond’, and contains our commitment to building social technologies that take us beyond what is possible today through the digital connection,” explained the billionaire during the great announcement last Thursday.

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“I am proud of what we have built so far and excited for what is to come, when we move […] beyond the limitations of screens, beyond the limits of physical distance, and into a future where everyone can be present with each other, create new opportunities and live new experiences ” , expressed the CEO of Facebook in his speech.

Will my Facebook profile be changed to Meta?

It is important to note that the change from Faceboon Inc. to Meta Platforms , the official name of the new corporate, occurred at the business level and not directly on the social network of the same name.

That is, your Facebook profile will remain in the same place and will not move to another platform or undergo changes in the name . So far, the company has not announced any news in this regard, so everything indicates that the rest of Zuckerber’s social networks and companies will not have modifications either.

 Tremendous confusion! The name change from #Facebook to #Meta prompted many investors to buy shares of Meta Materials that has nothing to do with the tycoon or his corporate. – Entrepreneur in Spanish (@SoyEntrepreneur) October 29, 2021

The only thing that will change with Meta is …

If you notice, every time you open the apps already mentioned, under the name at the bottom of the screen, the legend “from Facebook” appears. Well now this text will change to ” from Meta ” in future versions of WhatsApp , according to the Wabetainfo portal, which even shared images of what the intro of the application will look like.

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The image caption ” from Facebook ” or ” from Meta ” also appears in the Settings section and users of the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS said that they can already see the change. Most likely, this will happen in the next few weeks on Facebook and Instagram.

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