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8 Tips for Living a Simpler Life Rather Than Complicating It

We’ve all experienced those moments when life seems so overwhelmingly complex that we are unsure of what to do next. You need to pause during these times to catch your breath and unwind. The fact is that we frequently overcomplicate situations. Because of our panic, we are unable to clearly visualize the issue.

I’ll go over some of the ways you can stop complicating life and start actually living in this article.

Sounds pretty amazing, no? Let’s begin right away!

1. It’s still early for you

Look, you’re still developing and probably always will be. You need to come to terms with that fact now. The wonder is that you’re not by yourself. On this planet, everyone is in the same situation as you. We are all in the same boat if our ships are sinking on this issue.

Keep in mind that just because you’re still developing, that doesn’t make you any less qualified. It merely serves to emphasize that you’re still working to get better and that you still have a lot to learn. If you’re not still a work in progress, I sincerely feel bad for you. You are omitting.

My main message is to stop making things more difficult for yourself because you believe you are unworthy. You are certainly capable. Therefore, stop criticizing yourself for being imperfect.

2. Clearly express yourself

One of the most important ways to reduce some of the complexity in your life is probably to do this. Too many people create issues for themselves merely because they lack effective communication skills.

They either say or imply things they do not mean, which leads to issues. Nobody can read minds, so if what we say isn’t clear, it will probably be misunderstood and lead to issues later on!

If you regularly communicate effectively and clearly, you’ll realize how much your life is affected and the problems it prevents. Don’t undervalue how much this important skill affects your daily life.

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3. Live Franky

You have no idea how many people I witness complicate their lives unnecessarily due to their morally dubious lifestyle choices. They not only look bad, but they also feel bad about themselves as a result.

You make matters more difficult for yourself when you steal, cheat, and lie to advance in life. You should be constantly concerned with whether you will be discovered or whether everything will catch up to you.

Stop living in this manner, then. a moral life. Live a moral life and be kind to others. Quit adding stress to life by being a bad person. Just keep things straightforward by acting in accordance with your core values and the actions you know are right.

4. Become less materialistic

This is a big one, yikes. The script that society forces upon us, telling us that we need more of everything, drives far too many of us.

Quantity will never be everything that it has been made out to be. Quality will always be preferable to quantity. Therefore, look for quality in the things you want to possess rather than trying to accumulate everything. It doesn’t really matter whether these are things like possessions, friendships, or experiences.

Don’t try to impress people you don’t even care to impress by spending money you don’t have.\

Manage your wealth carefully because it cannot be attained through material possessions. Simply attempting to lessen your desire for material goods will help you greatly in simplifying your lifestyle.

5. Spend less time trying to change people

Spend your time attempting to influence and control those around you if you want to complicate your life more than it already is. They won’t value your efforts, and eventually you’ll grow to despise your own existence, I can assure you of that.

So stop making life more difficult by learning to accept people as they are. Save yourself the trouble of attempting to influence and control those who don’t want you to do so.

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Just accept them as they are, and if you find it difficult to do so, it might be time to think about whether you should be spending your time with someone else.

6. Put an end to all procrastination

We both know that you do this, so stop. We all occasionally engage in it. But one of the biggest stresses we put on ourselves in life is procrastination. And we voluntarily do it. Why? There is no justification for this additional stress.

Even though we are aware that something needs to be completed, we frequently wait until the last minute. This adds needless complexity to our lives. Therefore, take whatever steps are necessary to completely eradicate procrastination from your life.

Create a schedule, a to-do list, and give yourself deadlines that are far in advance of the actual due date. Do whatever it takes to finish things early.

You can simplify your life and take control of your situation by doing it this way. And once you’ve got everything under control, you’ll feel like you have more control over your life, which will enable you to live it more fully.

7. Limit Your Contact with Toxic People

You really are the average of the people you choose to associate with. Because of this, it’s crucial to regularly evaluate your social network.

Spend more time with those who are intelligent, responsible, ambitious, and kind and less time with those who are the opposite, if you have a choice. Due to the fact that one group will push you and your development forward and the other group will hold you back, this is the case.

That’s not to say you have to completely avoid them; you just need to limit your contact with them.

Life is short, and if you spend it with the wrong people, you might have a lot of regrets later. Furthermore, if these people have toxic tendencies, it’s likely that some of your problems are due to them rather than to you.

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You don’t need their assistance in making your life more challenging or difficult, I assure you.

8. Concentrate More on Things Under Your Control

Look, sometimes life is crazy. I understand. We all have a desire to be in control because it helps us feel better about the chaos around us.

But no matter how hard you tried, you would never be able to fully control everything. It is therefore better to just start identifying the things that you can and cannot control. After completing that, you can start concentrating on your own personal power.

You can avoid wasting time and effort trying to control things you have no control over by concentrating your energy on the things you can influence. That will not only lessen your stress, but it will also eventually improve your mental health.

As a result of your energy becoming fixated on the important things, this is a great way to stop complicating life and start moving in the right direction.


This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are countless additional ways you could start simplifying life in order to live more fully. These are merely a few suggestions that people frequently find helpful.

Decide which of these might apply to your life by picking and choosing. Determine which of them will enable you to progress in lowering complexity and stress.

You put in a lot of effort. It’s your responsibility to live fully as well.

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