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Here are the top 6 Netflix shows in Qatar


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In Qatar, Korean dramas and films have constantly ranked in the top 10 lists of the most popular TV shows and films available on Netflix. K-Dramas continue to take its viewers on an emotional rollercoaster trip of laughter, tears, and everything in between, with everything from action and romance to humor and slice-of-life.

Loyal K-Drama viewers in Qatar may have discovered themselves in an infinite path of adventure through more films and TV shows, thanks to Netflix’s promise to invest $2.5 billion in South Korean content over the course of the next four years and more intriguing titles slated to premiere this year.

quite similar to the popular social media adage “so many K-dramas, so little time”

Here is a list of Korean TV shows (given in no particular order) that have garnered international attention and occupied the top ranks in the nation for Netflix customers in Qatar who have not yet explored the world of K-drama.Here is a list of Korean TV shows (given in no particular order) that have garnered international attention and occupied the top ranks in the nation for Netflix customers in Qatar who have not yet explored the world of K-drama

Alchemy of Souls

In the fantasy historical drama The Alchemy of Souls, a strong sorceress imprisoned in the form of a blind woman meets a man from a wealthy family who asks for her assistance in changing his identity.

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This series explores the two characters’ path to realizing their full potential through romance and action. Alchemy of Souls had two seasons, the first of which spent 13 weeks in Qatar’s top 10 most watched television programs.

True Beauty

True Beauty, a webtoon that debuted in South Korea in 2020, eventually made it to Netflix in February of this year. A female teen’s life transforms when she masters the skill of cosmetics and becomes a knockout at her new school, but maintaining looks is harder than it seems, as the romantic comedy-drama narrates.

For 12 weeks, True Beauty ranked among Qatar’s top 10 most watched television programs.

The Glory

This psychological thriller included well-known performers Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Do-hyun and told the tale of a young woman who devised a complex plan of retaliation against her high school bullies. The controversial drama’s widespread appeal also inspired South Korea to take action against bullying in schools.

For ten weeks, The Glory ranked among Qatar’s top 10 most watched TV programs.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

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Most people would agree that Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of the best legal drama programmes made in South Korea. It follows the tale of Woo Young Woo, a smart young Asperger’s syndrome sufferer, as she faces difficulties in the courtroom and elsewhere as a new employee at a prestigious law company and a person with autism spectrum disorder. It also includes heartwarming tales about friendship, family, love, and life. For ten weeks, Qatar’s Top 10 TV series included Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a viable option if one wishes to have fun and fall in love. The same-named webtoon serves as the inspiration for this romantic comedy-drama series. In this well-liked series, which has captured viewers’ hearts all across the world, the ideas of family and friendship are also presented.
For 11 weeks, Business Proposal was among Qatar’s top 10 most watched TV s.

Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance is a romantic comedy/thriller that tells the narrative of a mother and daughter relationship as well as South Korea’s ‘Hagwon,’ which refers to the country’s private educational institutes or schools.

When her kid tries to enrol in a celebrity maths instructor’s class, the show immerses viewers in the life of a mother with a big heart as she negotiates the competitive world of private education.

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For six weeks, Crash Course in Romance was among Qatar’s Top 10 most watched television programmes.

The list of K-dramas mentioned above is just a sample of the popular Netflix series that have dominated charts worldwide and in Qatar. As several new games have already been streaming regularly on the platform, more are anticipated to be released in the upcoming weeks.

With its $2.5 billion investment, Netflix intends to replicate international sensations like “Squid Game” and the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite” with fresh content.

Ted Sarandos, CEO of the video-streaming behemoth, earlier stated that “this investment plan is twice as much as Netflix has invested in the Korean market since we started our service in Korea in 2016.”

He added that Netflix had “great confidence” in South Korea’s creative sector’s capacity to keep producing top-notch stories.

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