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Heavy monsoon rains hit Indian communities, causing flooding that displaces tens of thousands of people and claims one life

As torrential monsoon rains pound communities in India's northeast, tens of thousands of people have sought refuge in government-run relief shelters; one person has...

Cough syrup suspected of killing 12 kids in Cameroon might be made in India

The central African nation of Cameroon's authorities suspect a particular kind of cough syrup with marks indicating it was prepared in India of killing...

North Korea allegedly fired two short-range ballistic missiles, according to Seoul

Shortly after Pyongyang warned of a "inevitable" retaliation to ongoing US-South Korea joint military manoeuvres, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles, according to...

Application for MEXT Scholarship 2024 open till June 8 – Japanese embassy

The MEXT Scholarship program for the Japanese Government has an application deadline of June 8 and has just launched, according to the Japanese Embassy...

India to Withdraw Highest-Value Currency Note Months Before National Election

In a move reminiscent of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetization decision in 2016, India is set to withdraw its highest-value currency note just months...

Zelensky arrives at the G7 as Ukraine gains access to F-16s

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, arrived in Hiroshima on Saturday for talks with the G7 after obtaining long-desired access to modern US fighter...

If a mob attacks military installations, the Pakistani army will not show restraint.

After the dramatic arrest of the former prime minister Imran Khan last week, the Pakistani army declared that "restraint will no longer be exercised"...


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