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Alex Jones will not testify in his Sandy Hook defamation damages trial


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Alex Jones, according to his attorney on Tuesday, has decided not to testify in his own defense during the second Sandy Hook hoax trial.

This trial in Waterbury, Connecticut, is the second of three that have resulted from Jones’ claims that the government staged the mass school shooting to justify further restrictions on gun ownership. This summer’s first trial concluded with a Texas jury ordering Jones to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of one of the victims. A date for the third trial has not been set.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys in the ongoing Connecticut case had called Jones to testify earlier in the trial, but he lost it multiple times, went off on tangents about “liberals,” and said he was “done” apologizing to the parents. On Wednesday, as Jones’ defense attorney Norm Pattis got ready to present his case, he was scheduled to take the stand again.

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After a long day of court proceedings on Tuesday, Pattis informed the judge and attorneys in a private conference that Jones would not be testifying and would be returning to Texas. Furthermore, Pattis stated that he would not be presenting a defense, indicating that the case would soon be sent to the jury. Plaintiffs’ lead counsel Chris Mattei stated that the prosecution intended to rest its case early on Wednesday morning.

Pattis carefully avoided saying yes or no when asked if Jones would testify on Wednesday.

“So what if he calls me tonight and says you changed your mind? Once that happens, what?” Inquiring minds wanted to know what Pattis was thinking.

Then, “Well then I guess we’ll be ready to go,” Mattei said.

Pattis tried to reassure Mattei that “no games” were afoot by saying, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

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Jones had earlier held a press conference in front of the courthouse and hinted that he might not show up to testify.

According to Raw Story, Jones expressed frustration at being censored during his testimony. Even though he has framed his appeal of the defamation ruling as a First Amendment concern, he is prohibited from discussing the case at this time because he has already lost.

He lost his right to argue that his Sandy Hook comments constitute constitutionally protected free speech because he repeatedly disobeyed court orders to turn over certain company records during the discovery process, making him liable by default.

“Considering the circumstances, I may look at the judge and say, “You’ve barred me from saying I’m innocent.” when I take the stand tomorrow. Since this is obviously not a real court, I’m going to plead the Fifth!” Jones reportedly made these remarks, as reported by Raw Story. “Not because I am guilty, but because she threatens to throw me in jail for six months if I tell the truth. What she’s capable of is exactly that.”

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He continued, “top lawyers have looked at it and said, ‘No, she wants to put you [in jail] if you tell the truth. “This judge and the entire global governance system can take my word for it: I am innocent! Moreover, you are an authoritarian ruler.”

Insider reached out to Jones on Tuesday, but he did not respond right away.

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